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 Poze Deeper Fishfinder - sonar detectare peste

  • Poze Deeper Fishfinder - sonar detectare peste
  • Poze Deeper Fishfinder - sonar detectare peste
  • Poze Deeper Fishfinder - sonar detectare peste
  • Poze Deeper Fishfinder - sonar detectare peste
  • Poze Deeper Fishfinder - sonar detectare peste
  • Poze Deeper Fishfinder - sonar detectare peste
  • Poze Deeper Fishfinder - sonar detectare peste
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Deeper Fishfinder - sonar detectare peste

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Deeper fish finder is the first of its kind portable, wireless sonar, compatible with 7000+ iOS and Android devices, specially designed to find the location of fish, depth, water temperature, bottom contour and much more

We know where the fish are hiding. Find them with your smartphone!

Deeper – smart sonar is a first of its kind, portable, wireless fish finder specially designed for amateur and professional fishermen.

You can count on Deeper

How does it work

We know where the fish are hiding. Find them with your smartphone!

Find Fish


High accuracy sonar shots reveal most of the fish species with a crystal clarity, and allows you to target your prey with confidence.

See Depth


Deeper sonar is powerful enough to perfectly function in the depths from 1.5 ft (0.5 m) to ~130 ft (40 m) below the surface in both salt and fresh waters.

Explore Bottom Structure


Enhance your fishing experience with the detailed view of the bottom terrain, and fish holding habitat using innovative Deeper Smart Imaging technology.

Know Temperature


Deeper temperature sensors provide accurate fluctuations of the water temperature so you always know the perfect biting time.

Reveal New Spots


With castable Deeper and its mounting solutions you can explore the lake, river or sea from every angle. Scan places other fish finders cannot reach.

Catch & Share


Become next generation angler with all in one solution - join global community of smart fishermen and inspire others by sharing your monsters.

Ultimate Portable Sonar.



With the weight of only 0.22lb/ 100grams and 2.6"/ 65mm diameter, Deeper is smaller and lighter than any other traditional sonar. Specially designed to fit into your fishing tackle box, so you could take your personal sonar anywhere you go and use it in places most sonars can't, like from kayak, shore, or dock.

Deeper uses Bluetooth technology to transfer sonar readings to your smartphone or tablet from up to 150ft/ 45 meters. Bluetooth connection enables lower battery consumption and no cellular data required for the device to operate, so you can use Internet connection on your smartphone or tablet while fishing.

Smart Imaging.



Featured technology provides crystal clear, picture-like images of the fish targets and bottom structure with amazing detail straight to your smartphone or tablet. Fish are vividly revealed as clearly defined targets and separated from the structures, so you can instantly understand of what you see and no interpretation needed.

Dual Coverage Sonar.


Deeper dual frequency feature allows excellent observation of the underwater at all depths in 90 kHz (55°) and 290 kHz (15°) radius. Wide beam provides ample search area for fish, bait fish and structure. Precise narrow beam gives high accuracy returns of fish, structure, detail and bottom profile. With Deeper you can both cast wide or focus on the bottom.

Get the full control of all sonar functions and features with user friendly Deeper mobile app. Adjust the sensitivity of a sonar returns to increase/decrease details displayed, switch between different frequencies for wider or more accurate exploration, put the device into a low power consumption sleep mode or wake it up with your iOS or Android device and much more.

Wireless Sonar Updates.



Conveniently update your device on the go by using your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet and Deeper app. You’ll get the newest features and best performance from your sonar by keeping it up to date with the latest software.

Caught a monster? Use Deeper mobile app to take pictures and share them with your friends anywhere in the world on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Deeper - Smart Fishfinder, The World's Most Versatile, Wireless Sonar


Ever wondered what’s really there - in the middle of the lake? Just because you’re fishing from shore doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to see what’s going on below the surface. Deeper will help you get the most of your angling experience, no matter if you’re standing on the shore or sitting on the bank.

Most of the fish finders on the market are only available for those anglers who own boats. Deeper smart sonar changes the game by letting you examine the underwater while still being on the shore, bank, or bridge. Simply pick up Deeper, screw an attachment bolt, tie it on the fishing line and cast to any water spot you like.

Deeper sonar scans the chosen area with ultrasound waves and transmits all data wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet in real time. Innovative Smart Imaging technology provides detailed and crystal clear information of bottom contour, underwater structures, vegetation, fish targets, depth, temperature, and even more straight to the screen of your smartphone or tablet.

Know where a bunch of logs lay on the bottom, a drop off, or a small hump is. Deeper fish finder helps you mark all the good fishing spots and spend less time wondering and looking for the right place to cast.

Deeper sonar is the size of a baseball and weights only 0.22 lb/ 100 grams, thus it fits in any sized tackle box, making it easy to carry it anywhere.

Boat / Kayak Fishing

If you always keen to explore more water and like being away from all the hustle and bustle being on land – boat angling must be in your blood. Deeper goal is to make your time on the water both enjoyable and productive.

Forget complex installations and confusing menu functions of ordinary sonars. Convenient size and easily attachable fish finder is a game changer. Explore the waters and fish like a pro on your home or far away lake with a tennis ball size fish finder attached to your boat. Deeper is powerful and simple to use with a compact and space saving design, so it is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to use the sonar on their own or few different boats. High accuracy sonar shots reveal most fish species and bottom structure under the surface with a crystal clear clarity. The device comes ready with a versatile Flexible Arm mount. You save time and fuel locating productive spots.

Deeper is first to help you fish better and smarter because there is always more water to explore and bigger fish to catch.

Boat Mode

The new mode allows you to create your personal bathymetric maps which are displayed on your device in real-time. The Mapping feature enables you to instantly monitor the bottom contour detail, depths, and locate the best fishing areas. All of the collected data are stored on your device for future use. The 4.0 Boat mode update is totally free and compatible with all Deeper sonars.

The white line indicates your GPS record, while the colorful ones the isobath (depth curves). Therefore, you can easily identify different depths according to the colors displayed on your device.

To use the new feature, turn on the Boat mode located in the upper menu bar Settings field

Enjoy unlimited data of the sonar imaging recordings and bathymetric map logs. For your convenience, we moved the history button from the sliding menu to the more visible upper main menu bar.

All of the sonar data are stored and conveniently presented in one place, so it doesn't take long to find what you need, analyze it, and be prepared for the next fishing trip like never before.


Ice Fishing

Can’t wait for the ice to be thick enough to go fishing? Make it even more interesting and productive with cutting edge Deeper Smart sonar. Double your catch by unveiling depth, structure, bottom content, breaks, fish, forage, and most importantly your lure in real time.

We believe that versatility is the key to success and with Deeper Smart sonar it is exactly what you get. You can use the device as LCD on regular mode and get much more information in different columns of the water, or easily switch to ice fishing mode and use Deeper as a flasher for crystal clear, real time information.

Additionally integrated Amplitude Scope mode plots the depth and intensity of a sonar return, displays a live image of the activity below the transducer, so you can even more easily track the movement.

Recently launched Split Screen mode allows you to see Regular and Flasher modes on one screen. Now you can explore bottom contour, structure and see fish and you lure in real time at the same time.

A new Zoom feature allows you to magnify the view of the area you choose on the Vertical Flasher for better real time tracking of your lure and prey. The zoomed view will be shown on the right side of the screen between the two red lines.

Tiny and light, but highly firm device maintains superior functioning even down to -4 Fahrenheit temperature. Deeper with its extremely durable case, a built in Bluetooth antenna for long distances, rechargeable, long life, high-capacity lithium polymer battery and a special weather resistant and battery protecting foam was specially designed to withstand the worst weather conditions. No installations, additional wires, cases, external batteries, power switches, or screens needed for the device to operate, so you can easily take it anywhere you go.

Deeper uses Bluetooth technology to transfer sonar readings to your smartphone or tablet from up to 150ft/ 45 meters. Bluetooth connection enables lower battery consumption and no cellular data required for the device to operate, so you can use Internet connection on your smartphone or tablet while fishing.

Versatile, tennis ball size device will give you more features than most LCD sonars or flashers on the market. Leave all of the hard work of collecting necessary information from different places and using hard to understand functions. Deeper Smart sonar makes a new standard in ice fishing electronics.

Other use

Boost your adventure and discover more with extraordinary performance provided by Deeper.

Personal tennis ball size sonar can be used as a tool every amateur or professional scuba diver needs. Deeper sonar gives you information you need, it serves as your eyes to see beyond the visibility limits of the water. With Deeper you can check the depth of the water from the surface, find your dive buddy when he is out of sight, locate a wreck, rocks or other interesting sights on the bottom, locate fish school even in zero visibility water. It even indicates fish icons to tell when it sees any. Dual-beam technology allows you to use both wide coverage - 90 kHz (55°) for ample search area for fish or other objects and bottom structure, and narrow - 290 kHz (15°) frequency that provides high accuracy and detailed returns of fish, objects, structures and bottom profile.

Deeper can also be attached on radio controlled boats to explore new places, objects and bottom structures underneath the surface.

Wherever adventure takes you, Deeper sonar delivers performance you can depend on.

Size:       2.6"/ 6.5 cm diameter

Compatibility:    From iOS 5.0 and Android 2.3 to the latest iOS and Android devices

Construction:     ABS

Weight:                0.22 lb/ 100 grams

Connection:       Wireless Bluetooth connection

Bluetooth Range:             Up to ~140 ft - 160 ft/ ~40-50 meters. Depends on the OS and smartphone model.

Depth Range Max/Min:                130 ft (40 m) / wide angle - 4.3 ft (1.3 m); narrow angle - 2 ft (0.5 m)

Temperature:    Water temperature Sensor

Temperature unit:           Celsius / Fahrenheit

Operational Temperature:           -4F to 104F/ -20C to 40C

Battery:                Lithium Polymer, 3.7V Rechargeable; lasts for 6 hours of non stop usage; takes 2 hours to fully charge.

Power Adapter:                Compatible with 110V / 240V. Micro USB.

Sonar type:         Dual beam

Frequency:         290 kHz (15°) / 90 kHz (55°)

Color:    Black

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