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Paro Therapeutic Robot

It's Not a Stuffed Animal, It's a $6,000 Medical Device, a robotic pets for Alzheimer's patients.

gTar – There's Nothing Like the Thrill of Playing Music

The gTar is a fully digital guitar that makes it easy for anybody to play music, regardless of experience.


Peace of Mind for your home and your baby with mobile alerts, night vision, two-way audio, and offsite DVR.
Fast and easy setup - online and securely streaming 720p HD video in 60 seconds.
Talk back and Zoom in on what you see on camera with two-way audio and digital pan and zoom.
Dropcam DVR - Secure offsite recording. Motion detection. Mobile alerts. Video clips. Peace of mind.
Your video is protected using AES 256-bit encryption, the same technology as top online banks.
Shoot timelapses with your camera
Remotely trigger a camera with an iPhone
Bulb functionality for long exposures
HDR mode with up to 9 shots and 16 stops of dynamic range
Time-lapse mode (intervalometer)


The LIFX lightbulb can be wirelessly connected to a smartphone app which allows a wide range of control over how the bulb works.

Each bulb screws into standard fittings, and links to the user's smartphone or tablet over WiFi using a free app.

Then the fun begins -- apart from the basic dimmer settings, there are also colour and timing options -- so, if you want, you can wake up gradually to a shade of white like morning sunlight, but give yourself a more claret-coloured sunset in the evening.

Each bulb has its own controls, too, so if (for example) you were to go on holiday they could be easily set up to turn off and on at regular intervals to make the house look occupied.

The bulbs can even be synchronised up with music, which should make house parties a bit more interesting over the next few years (or, admittedly, annoying, if as many people who think they're great DJs also think they can design a light show).

LED bulbs are more energy efficient than both standard incandescent bulbs and energy-efficient compact fluorescents -- the LIFX team claims that their bulb only requires eight watts to produce 800 lumens, compared to 15 for a fluorescent or 60 for an incandescent.
They can also handle a wider range of colours, giving off more "warmth" than current energy-efficient bulbs, which give out a bright white light that many dislike. Also, unlike fluorescents, LED lights don't contain mercury, so the environmental problems caused by disposing of old bulbs is not as much of an issue either.
LIFX bulbs are also rated to last up to 40,000 hours, or 25 years, depending on usage, which compares well to the average 15,000 hour lifespan of compact fluorescents.

Hobby Laser

FORM 1: An affordable, professional 3D printer

Robot Dragonfly – libelula controlata cu iPhone


UCam247 wireless cameras enable you to keep an eye on your home, business, baby, elderly loved ones or even your pet from the comfort of your iPhone, iPad or Android device in just 3 easy steps.

Unlike many other IP cameras there's no complex set-up. Just connect the camera to your router, download the Free app, and login to view - whether you're in the next room, down the road or on the other side of the world.

Network cameras really don't get any simpler. And it doesn't stop there.

Equipped with long range wireless, infra-red night vision, motion sensor, built-in micro SD DVR, email alerts and more, our cameras give you an all-in-one CCTV system with no additional hardware or software needed.

The simplicity and flexibility of UCam247 makes it the smart choice as a baby monitor, video security system, and many other uses.




The new INSTEON Hub connects you to your home from any smartphone or tablet. Control INSTEON light bulbs, wall switches, outlets and thermostats. Receive instant email or text alerts from motion and water leak sensors while you're away.

Just start with the Hub, select the INSTEON devices for your home and enjoy.

The Hub works in combination with your router and smartphone or tablet to control INSTEON devices in your home while you're there or when you're at work and on vacation.

The INSTEON for Hub app works in concert with the Hub to automatically configure your Hub and router for remote access - so simple, anyone can do it.

Want to turn on your bedside lamp automatically to help wake you up in the morning? How about turn the porch light on and off automatically with the rise and fall of the sun? No problem.

Create alerts by adding water leak sensors, motion sensors, door/window sensors and more. The INSTEON Hub will send text and email alerts to you as well as anyone else you wish.  The Hub also stores the status of these sensors, so you can easily check on your sensors from within the app anytime.

Wonder what triggered the motion sensor or just want to check in on the kids or your pets? Add a wireless camera and you'll see it all from your smartphone. The INSTEON cameras feature pan/tilt control and night vision. Setting up this camera within the INSTEON for Hub app is the easiest setup routine that you have ever seen and anyone can do it.

The INSTEON Hub stores your homes configuration in the cloud which allows access from any number of smartphones and tablets you may own. Want to add another smartphone? Simply download the app, sign in and all your settings (devices, scenes, icons, timers, etc.) are there to enjoy.

No monthly fees to view, control and monitor your home. Other systems on the market charge hundreds of dollars a year for services that you can get for free with the INSTEON Hub.

Reduce the amount of time spent reading manuals. The INSTEON for Hub app features video installation wizards that walk you through setup of many INSTEON devices.





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